A Spectators Guide


How may rainbow stripes?

Peatys Steel City DH is a perfectly formed rough diamond is Sheffield’s sporting crown and has been running every spring since 2011. Organised by mountain bike World Champion Steve Peat and a small team of his mates, it takes all the best bits of races that Steve has experienced around the world and puts them into the woods in Grenoside.

It is known as ‘the biggest little race’ and for good reason; It is massively popular with racers and is hugely oversubscribed. It also attracts crowds of over 3000 spectators who soak up the atmosphere with friends and family whatever the weather. The excitement of downhill racing is unmistakeable and infectious, the loud cheers, cowbells and noise makers ensures that. The buzz is second to none. This race allows our 10 year old rippers to race the same course as world champions such as Steve Peat and Tracy Moseley. It also boasts one of the biggest fields of female competitors nationally too.

So if you have not been up to the event before here is all you need to know about planning a trip to the race….


Location and Parking


The race is held in Greno Woods and the event car park is just off Woodhead Road. If you are traveling from Sheffield it is about a mile and a half from Grenoside Village. All visitors, both races and spectators, must use the official car park and not park in the Forestry car park, or on the sides of the road. It costs £3 and all money goes to running the race and back into looking after the woods too. You can also ride to the event as the race site is on the Trans Pennine Trail.

Getting around the site

The car park is about a 5-minute walk from the top of the track and a further 15 minutes from the event arena in the Bombhole. There is spectator access down the side of the race track, or you can walk down one of the bridleways directly to the bomb hole. The tracks vary in quality of surface, though none are surfaced, and the gradient is not too extreme anywhere on the site.


The car park is open from 0700 for racers and first practice runs start at 0900, but things really get swinging with the start of racing at 1200. Racers do two runs with second runs usually at about 1430 finishing off at 1630 and prize giving at 1700

 Eating and Drinking

There is a great selection of food and drink at the event and we will have Nether Edge Pizza, Whirlow Hall Farm and Out to Lunch providing food, Bradfield Brewery will be serving up their fine local ales and Forge Coffee and Motore Café will be on hand for hot drinks. There will also be a cake stand too,  just make sure you put any litter in the bins or even better take it home with you.

 Make some noise!

It can get pretty loud in sections of the course, particularly at the Jolley Gap Jump and down in the bombhole. Rather than shouting yourself hoarse all day, noise makers such as cow bells and horns are not so much allowed as positively encouraged! Get creative with the kids, what can you bring to bash together to make a loud noise.

Who is it suitable for?

Everyone is welcome at the event and it’s a great place to bring your family too. Come and enjoy the food, soak up the atmosphere and watch not just the best riders in the city but some of the top riders in the world racing down the course; its great for riders and non riders alike

Pushchairs of the more rugged variety will just about be fine, for the younger fans and it is easy to find a quiet(ish) spot away from the crowds to put down a rug and have a picnic and enjoy the action at your pace. Dogs are allowed, but must be on a lead at all times and all waste must be collected.

More information

The Champion's Champion

All info on the race and any updates can be found at www.steelcitydh.com. Or you can find them on twitter and instagram or on Facebook

Greno Woods is a nature reserve owned and managed by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. It is an ancient woodland, rich in wildlife and full of historic interest. Covering 169 hectares, it is one of the Trust’s largest reserves and offers excellent opportunities for wildlife watching, exploration and recreation.

The Trust has carried out work on the reserve to increase the proportion and quality of priority habitats on the site and maintain features of interest as well as maintain and improve recreational infrastructure such as our downhill mountain bike trails.

Help protect and enhance our local wildlife and green spaces by joining Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. By joining Sheffield and Rotherham’s community of wildlife lovers today you can help care for the wild places you love – preserving them for years to come.

Find out more at www.wildsheffield.com or join them on Facebook and Twitter.

The race is run as a not for profit event, with all funds raised from the race go directly back into the trails in Greno Woods and to support mountain bike projects around the city.