Race Day

Everything is now set for Peatys Steel City DH 2017. Thank you for entering its set to be another amazing year. We can’t wait to get racing but there’s a few things you will need if you want to race. Remember that it is free to spectate and makes a great family day out.

Please read all of the information below carefully, all of it is compulsory and if you are not able to comply with all of the items you will NOT BE ABLE TO RACE and there will be NO exceptions made.

Schedule – Saturday 20th May

  • 7:00 – Official car park Opens
  • 8:00 – Registration opens in event car park
  • 8:00 – Course open for on foot inspection (no riding)
  • 9:00 – Course open for Practice
  • 10:00 – Registration Closes
  • 11:40 – Practice Closes
  • 12:00 – First Race run begins
  • 2:30 – Second race runs begin
  • 3:00 – Car Park Entrance Closes
  • 5:30 – Podiums and Prize Givings
  • 7:00 – New Barrack Tavern for beers and cheers


If you are driving to the race you must park in our official car park. Parking anywhere else, in the public greno car park or on the road, jeopardises the running of the race on the day and in future. Please be responsible. This year the field is very dry and we will not have the same issues as last year.

Parking is in Farmer Jack’s field, at Hall Head Farm on Woodhead Road, the entrance will be clearly marked. It is marked on the map below  by the car and the closest postcode is S35 7DS but dont rely on it for a Sat Nav. Do not try to come in to the exit, marked with a man, it is a one way system. Parking is £3 per vehicle and offsets the loss of earnings from hay from damage to the grass in the field.

The car park opens at 7am it will close for entry at 3pm. Please remove your car as soon as possible after the race.

There will be no camping in the field this year.


Race registration takes place at Peatys Van in the car park. If you are under 18 you will need to bring a parent or guardian to sign you in and take responsibility for you. You will need Photo ID to sign on. No ID no ride. This is to ensure you are who you say you are, if you’re not, you will invalidate our insurance and we may not have a race in the future.

It is about a 5 minute ride from registration to the top of the track, this will be marked with signs. It takes about 20 minutes to walk all the way down to the finish. Check out the course on the way.

What you will need to race

  • Photo ID to Register. No ID no race.
  • If you are under 18 a parent or legal guardian to sign you in and complete a form. You cannot ask a friend to sign you in. The form can be downloaded in advance to save time at sign on HERE
  • A Full face Helmet to race in.
  • All other protective equipment, including but not limited to, gloves, knee and elbow pads, spine guards, neck braces etc are strongly recommended but are not a requirement.
  • During the practice time you must complete at least 2 full runs of the race track. Your number board will be marked to confirm you have done this.
  • £3 for parking in the official car park
  • £10 for RAD SCDH T Shirt (if you want one)
  • Your bike must:
    • have 2 working brakes.
    • have bar end plugs in both sides at all times.
    • display the race number board at all times when on course. Modifying the board, by cutting or other methods, is not permitted.
    • be in good working order.

The Track

The track is fun but challenging and is suitable for all levels of riders which will keep you on your toes and grinning from ear to ear. Spectators will be able to see large stretches of the track, so make sure you bring your friends and family along. Also, make sure they bring some noise makers and cheer on all riders, there’s nothing worse than quiet crowds.

There are significant features on track which you must be mindful of, a gap jump in the top section before the heath and the same large drop in to the bomb hole that was the finish to last year’s race. We recommend walking the track before you ride it, especially if you haven’t ridden it before.

Please take care on your first run down and all significant features will have a B-Line option around them for the race. You will need to complete two full practice runs before you can race. The track length is around 1:30-2:30, with a dedicated and easy Fire-Road push up back to the start. We have been asked not to ride up the push up track as it is part of the Sheffield Round Walk.

Practice runs from 9:00 until 11:40. There will be nearly 300 riders trying to practice at the same time so please, be considerate and DONT BE A DICK. Leave plenty of room and if you catch someone up, don’t start yelling, ‘get out of the way’. Anyone caught doing so will get slapped with ‘knobhead’ sticker. Be warned and be nice. Its riding bikes, its fun.

During the practice time you must complete at least 2 full runs of the race track. Your number board will be marked to confirm you have done this.You will get 2 race runs and your best time from the 2 counts as your result.It suits mid travel trail bikes rather than full on DH rigs. Peaty has won the race on all wheel sizes bar a fat bike.


On the day the finish line bombhole will be filled with lots of stands selling and promoting their wares; they are all listed here. There will be opportunity to buy Steel City DH, ThisiSheffield, Bolehills and Ride Sheffield merchandise from our stand.
We have several food and drink vendors to keep you fed and refreshed, so please bring some cash. They all donate to the race fund so please support them all as much as you can.


If you’re racing and you finish in the top 3, you will receive a great prize from one of our sponsors.
First up the great guys at Hop Hide Out are sponsoring our marshals this year, they get beer as an extra thanks for helping us out and letting you all have a great day.LADS




  • Pro Lads – Leighton Vans – £500 cash in prizes for the fastest 3
  • Pro Lasses – 60 Sticks –  £500 cash in prizes for the fastest 3

“Every winner will get a medal made by Sheffield Legends TADO.
This years racer good bags will be packed like never before.

  • Steel City Mug
  • There will be a bottle of Beer from Bradfield brewery.
  • Clif Bar are also giving one of their delicious and nutritious out to every racer.
  • Plus many other goodies

Please do all you can to support out kind sponsors

See you in the woods

Thats the lot. If we’ve missed anything or you’d like to know more, please hit us up on email steelcityseries@gmail.com